ERP For Manufacturing Industry

Our plastic toys manufacturing company has been in operation since the 1970s. we have always been a profit making venture. The company was started by my dad. When I took over, I learnt the nuanaces of the trade and started running the company in my way.

When demonization hit the country, my company started treading waters. The demonitization wave settled quickly, but the effects it had on the company won’t go away. I sat down with my company secretary and a few other people to categorize the problem and potentially solve them.

  1. Staying ahead of the competition: In times like today, when technological advancement is imminent, implementing ERP into one’s business is not a choice anymore. The business which switches the traditional database management systems for ERP earlier will reap more benefits of this amazing software. Businesses which fail to do so will only lag behind the competition.
  2. Streamlining the business: The growth and complexity of business go hand in hand. Large businesses have more data and processes to manage. ERP eliminates the need to manage all of this manually by automating the entire ordeal. Every department of the business, including accounts, inventory customer support can now function better. This results in greater efficiency.
  3. Improved product quality: Because manufacturing ERP software allows every department of the organization to view the same information, chances for a conflict lessen. Any defect in processing and manufacturing can also be readily identified and eliminated due to improved coordination. As a result, product quality is bound to improve.
  4. Greater Profits: Although installing a manufacturing ERP can be a significant monetary investment for a business, the long term benefits of the system outweigh the cost and over time it results in greater profit generation.
  5. Market Research: ERP data can be studied to analyze the change in demand for the product. This may reflect on the inventory and other factors of production. It can also help in making calculated presumptions about the market, thus being prepared for incoming anomalies.

It was unanimously decided that our company needed a touch of automation. We decided to get an ERP for Manufacturing Industry for our company and the results showed. And ERP is an enterprise resource planning software that integrates all the important business processes. it automated most of our processes and I could observe the results. I was no longer reliant on others to run my company. I felt in charge, I felt empowered.

If you have a manufacturing firm, I would definitely recommend ERP.

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Expand ERP provides fully integrated ERP software for small/mid-sized manufacturing industry. Cloud ERP by ERP in Cloud is the best fit for companies belonging to Field Service, Manufacturing, Trading & E-Commerce industry.

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